About The Event

The High Commission of Rwanda to Canada in collaboration with the Rwandan Community abroad-Canada is organizing the first ever Rwandan Women Convention in Canada.

Under the theme ‘Different paths-one direction’ the convention will be held September 16-17, 2016 in downtown Montreal.

Guest Of Honor

Hon. Louise Mushikiwabo, Minister of foreign affaires and cooperation.

Leadership starts at the top

Not only is Rwanda a major supporter of gender empowerment, its leader, His Excellency President Paul Kagame is among the 10 heads of state that have made a priority of participating in the UN campaign HeforShe that gets men to commit to helping women improve and advance (heforshe.org).

Gender equality and the arts

The Convention will also feature live entertainment and exhibits promoting Rwandan culture and business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is organizing this event?

The High Commission of Rwanda in Ottawa and the Rwandan Community Abroad - Canada (RCA-Canada) are jointly hosting the event.

What is the Rwandan Community Abroad-Canada?

The RCA-Canada is a non-profit organization based in Canada and founded in 2010. It is made up of Rwandan expatriates living in Canada as well as sympathizers. Its main mission is to contribute to Canada by building a better community.

RCA-Canada carries out its work through chapters established in major Canadian cities. Currently 13 chapters exist and it is hoped that more will be created, buoyed by the Convention.

Why the September 17th Convention?

The Republic of Rwanda is now a bustling democracy of more than 11 million people. One of the keys of its success is gender empowerment which Rwanda has made a priority. For example, women hold 64% of seats in the Rwandan Parliament. The country has also scored 6th on the 2015 Global Gender Gap Index, created in 2006 by the World Economic Forum in Davos as a framework for capturing gender-based disparities.

The Rwandan model has been recognized by the UN and continues to harness the energy, skill and brainpower of all adults in Rwanda

What can we hope to take away from this Convention?

  1. Learn about the impact of gender empowerment in women and youth, here and in Rwanda
  2. Celebrate the success stories of Rwandan women and be inspired by ordinary women doing extraordinary things.
  3. Provide a platform to discuss global issues related to gender equality and empowerment from a political, personal and community perspective
  4. Meet Rwandan artists and get a taste of their art

What are some of the more tangible outcomes expected from this Convention?

  1. Improved relations between Rwanda and Canada on gender issues
  2. Heightened awareness of the fact that true gender equality starts at the highest echelons of decision-making in all countries
  3. Develop a framework to utilize collective talents and resources in order to strengthen women, especially younger ones, in Canada
  4. See more RCA-Canada chapters and Rwandan Canadian women organizations be created in Canada

Other partners:

Rwanda High Commission Rwandan Community Abroad-Canada (RCA-CANADA) Canadian Association of Rwandan Youth (CARY) Rwanda Development Board (RDB) MasterCard Foundation International Rwanda Youth for Development (IRYD) Groupe Umurage –Montreal Association URUMULI –Montreal Association UMURAGE-Toronto Communauté Rwandaise de Montréal (CRM)

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